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Hurricane Katrina Information

On August 29 2005, Hurricane Katrina unleashed its wrath on the home of the Houma Nation.  About four thousand of our tribe's members were directly affected and are now scattered across the US in various shelters.  Lives were lost, livelihoods affected and homes were either damaged or completely destroyed.


If you want to Volunteer or Donate to help out with the hurricane relief effort, contact the Houma Tribal Government at or (985) 475-6640. We will continue to provide more information on the extent of the damage to our various communities and relief efforts in the near future.




Halito, Aiokpanchi,


Hello and welcome to the official website of the United Houma Nation. Through these pages you may journey with us to the bayou country of south Louisiana, to LaFourche-Terrebonne, the homeland of the Houma people. While you are here you’ll learn something of our history, our culture and our traditions.


Like all journeys it begins with the first step, please select from the menu and let your journey begin.




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