Artist is Eugene Dallas, who lives in Arizona and dances every year at Manitou Spring Cliff dwellings.

"Da Wa" Hopi Long hair by L. Charley, Kykotsmorl, Arizona. Over 100 years old.

Artist is Fred Healing of 2nd Mesa.

Created 30 years ago.

Jami Akers -private collection of Kachina Dolls

Kachina Dolls - a Traditional Hopi Art

 kachiina dolls are traditionally crafted by members of the Hopi tribe and represent images of kachina spirits. These dolls are carved in an interesting range of designs, and techniques and are made from the root of the cottonwood tree. Prices and styles run the gamut  from $50 to upwards of  thousands of dollars, depending on quality.
 Modern kachina dolls are made with oil paints and acrylics, while 19th century dolls
were crafted with mineral and vegetal pigments. These dolls have gained in popularity in the last fifteen years. Following the latest trend, Hopi carvers are exploring new styles which tend to be somewhat abstract. A doll's quality is evaluated according to proportion, detail and finish and in some cases, Hopi artists spend as much as two weeks, sanding their dolls.

Kachina dolls are found in a wide range of styles, designs, techniques and prices. Old-style dolls have made a comeback in recent years and resemble the dolls that were made in the 19th century when mineral and vegetal pigments were used rather than more modern acrylics and oil paints. Their positions tend to be simple and unanimated.

The more upscale, higher-priced kachina dolls are very much considered a fine art form and differ from popularly priced sculptures, which tend to be more abstract in order to attract the attention of younger buyers. Some kachina dolls are dressed in leather, fur and even feathers. A number of carvers are also doing miniature kachina which stand about one-and-a-half to three inches in height. 

When judging the quality of an individual kachina doll, attention needs to be paid to the doll  as well as to the vendor, selling the doll. Be careful of bargains and look for  tribal credentials to be sure of authenticity.






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