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Modern Native American artists have a wide range of sounds, which reflect their individual heritage and personal styles. This month, we will spotlight four well known, beloved artists.





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~Bluebird~ - Native American flute drums and rattles in all of her songs. ~Bluebird's~ music has a range of natural sounds, including waterfalls, birds, wolfs, thunderstorms. Fans will be inspired by the inherent beauty of this lovely music and  feel as though it is part of Mother Earth. This music provides a nice atmosphere for all family activities, whether reflecting on daily meditations, setting the mood for quiet times or just plain returning to times gone by.frog enchantment

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Bluebirds' husband is the Chief of the Ouachita Indians and his website is



Howard Lyons - Gifted Mohawk artist and grammy winner, who created his own unique style, far more awesome than mainstream popular music. Fans can listen to him for hours and hours and still yearn for more of his work.

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Martha Redbone - With a voice like Aretha Franklin and the style of a Tina Turner, Martha's abilities as singer and songwriter are stunning. Her Shawnee/Choctaw/Blackfeet heritage, shine through her powerful performances.

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MAKWABID - Earthly, darkly powerful singer and songwriter of Abenaki Nation. His Heartfelt spirituality, combined with his talents provide listeners with a memorable musical experience, which goes beyond mainstream music.

Totally Unforgettable !

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