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O'syio Tota Mary,

I need your help !  My boyfriend refuses to wear traditional dress at our wedding and my parent are very upset. What should I do ?



O'syio Alice,

Have you spoken with your tribe's Elders about this ? If you can't come to an agreement, you may have to postpone your wedding.

Tota Mary


Hello Tota Mary,

My girlfriend's family are upset because I don't want to invite my biological father. He didn't raise me and I don't want him to come to my wedding.


Hello Carl,

This is your wedding as much as your bride's wedding and if you don't wish to have your biological father, this is entirely up to you.

Tota Mary









Kwe Tota Mary,

Please advise me.  My boyfriend loves me very much, but he is unkind to my dogs. How can I change him ?

Night Hawk


Kwe Nigh Hawk,

You may not be able to change him,honey, and his being unkind to your dogs may be a sign of some hidden problems which you are unaware of. You better re-think your relationship.

Tota Mary


Kwai Tota Mary,

What should I do ? My mother-in-law can't cook and I don't want to start problems, but eating her food makes me ill. Any suggestions ?

Sweet Sue in Maine


Kwai Sweet Sue,

You will start problems if you reject your mother-in-laws food. Why not suggest cooking together so you can find out what goes wrong in the kitchen. It's either this or suggest she has enough work and you want to spare her and you do the cooking.

Tota Mary



O'syio Tota Mary,

I just can't lose weight, no matter how hard I try ! Any advice ?

Susan in Okla.

O'syio Susan,

Everyone can lose weight if they really try. Naturally, you may not be as thin as you like, but if you just start by walking to places instead of driving, you will burn up more calories. Write me privately about this so we can talk.

Tota Mary

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