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What is wrong with local journalists ?

There was an article about Native American mascots in our local paper and the journalist just out of plain ignorance, could not see the point of doing away with using Native American mascots. Blame this attitude on our illustrious school system in this country !


Phil in Ohio  





Stereotypes are a way that promotes dissension between the races...we have all heard the stereotype that Mexican's are lazy (but I only know hard working  ones) - we have all heard that the Jewish are greedy and make money (again I  only know hard working ones).  I have never understood why one needs to  demean another race.  Hmm what are the whites known  for - greed,  racism, the
need to conquer all nations, funny I know whites that aren't like  this at all.  Does this need to call others names make one feel  superior.  The bill board is in bad taste and we are such a politically  oriented country that bad taste should always be condemned - lets face it would  you like to see your family depicted up on a bill board as tasteless as this, I  don't care if his wife is NA, evidently she isn't proud of it.  the  billboard should come down just as our need to stereotype and label should be  done away with.  When it comes down to brass tacks we are only 6 people  away from our nearest relative no matter the race, color or religious  preference, and it takes a lot for me to say that living here in Utah.   Grow up world and flush this type of nonsense down the toilet where it  belongs



 Article posted by Jami:


Hugo mural draws fire from Choctaw women


Hugo mural draws fire from Choctaw women
Object to depiction on liquor store

Sam Lewin 7/26/2005

Julia Durrence doesnt consider herself to be easily offended.

Neither does Rose Harris.

But both women, each a mother of two, separately came to the conclusion
that something is wrong with a mural outside of West Main Liquors in the
Sooner State town of Hugo, a small burg of several thousand people situated
on the Texas/Oklahoma border.

The mural depicts a white settler selling liquor from a wagon to an Indian
man wearing traditional clothing. A Native woman accompanied by several
children appears to be waiting in the background for the sale to be

The soft-spoken Durrence recalls the first time she drove by the store.

I was wondering if it was appropriate, she told the Native American
Times. I am not the type of person that likes to make controversy. But I
would see it everyday and it just wasnt right.

Harris feels the same way. A nurse at a Choctaw clinic, Harris also found
the mural in poor taste, to say the least.

I think it is demeaning to Indian women, Harris said. It shows an Indian
woman waiting with her kids for her husband to buy liquor. Indians already
have this stigma and all he is doing is portraying a stereotype.

He is Bob Almond, the owner of West Main Liquors. Reached by the Native
American Times for comment, Almond hung up the phone after using profanity
to curse those who might have a problem with the mural.

Harris has better luck.

I talked to him. He told me that his wife is Indian and that [the mural]
depicts part of our culture, she said. I dont think he realizes what he
is portraying.

Durrence says she is frustrated because the Choctaws, based in the nearby
town of Durant, have made strides to reduce the abuse of drugs and alcohol
among tribal members.

Its a stereotype, Durrence said. It is what we have been trying to get
away from. People drive up and down that road coming from Texas everyday
and that is what they see when they come to Oklahoma.






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