Spotlight on Jami Akers



Jami Akers creates a powerful range of contemporary paintings and mixed media art pieces, graphic design and interior home decorations.
She explores different mediums such as oil and inks in her work, which includes large oils, sand paintings, ink and graphite drawings and abstract mixed media pieces.
Her individual style incorporates soft to bold colors, rich textures and interpretive Native American pieces representing her heritage and interests.
Over the years she has created many works from her basic belief that “All art forms begin with the soul.” Akers has taught basic and advanced art courses and conducted seminars for adults and children in a variety of world locations and throughout the United States.  Akers feels that “Art is an outcrying of the soul and as such should be recognized and cultivated.  Teaching is passing this knowledge onto others, consequently sustaining the soul of each individual.” 
In addition to her fine art work Akers is a graphic designer and home design artist.  Her art is in constant transition; “ I leave no stone unturned within its context.  I experiment with images, techniques and mediums, translating paint into an image both personal and spiritual."



1969 Mount San Antonio - Fine Arts Study Program
1970 Cal State Polytechnic - Fine Arts and Graphic Arts Study
1974 Heidelberg School of Design - Design & Merchandising

 Selected Exhibitions

Mt. San Antonio Art MuseumGriswold - Riverside, CA - The Early Years

(A compilation of landscapes and portraits)

Hipp Fine Art Gallery, Pomona, CA, (One woman show)

Fairfield CA, ‘Native Journey’ (2 Sister Show)

Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA, New Age Spirit Celebration

Iceland - “Alone in a Sea of White” (one woman show)

Hahn, Germany - International Art Show

Spangdahlem, Germany - International Art Show

Eccles Fine Art Museum - Ogden, Utah









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