Medicine Wheel


Keeping the beliefs of our ancestors, we know that important trends of life cycles are circular. We notice the changing of the seasons, and the positions of the sun and the moon, the ways we evolve from birth to death and see the changes of our spirit realm. We are unique within the circle of life. The "Medicine Wheel" guides us along life's sacred path.
The month in which we were born, specifies our position on the medicine wheel and guides our individual destinies. All people  walk the wheel at their own pace . The medicine wheel influences our cycle of constant movement, rather than only one rigid path .You can determine your destiny by evoking the good will of your ancestors and remaining on the true Red Road of life.




Istawicayazan Wi (March - Moon when Buffalo Cows drop their calves/ Sore Eye Moon)
See the fresh sprouts, the green buds.  It is time for you to throw off the old and make way for the new.  It is time for birth and rebirth, rejoice in the Spring.
Wihakakta Cepapi Wi (April - Moon of Greening Grass / Red Grass Appearing)
Go quickly and seek you elders, donít let the stories of our Nation pass you by.
Wojupi Wi (May - Moon When Ponies Shed)
Now you are warming up, it is time for you to keep those self-promisses - time for you to stand tall.
Wipazuka Wast Wi (June - Moon of Making Fat/Moon when Green grass is up / Strawberry Moon)
Enjoy for there is a long hot Summer ahead of you.  Watch the children and learn from them what needs to be done.
Canpasapa Wi (July - Moon When the wild cherries are ripe)
No more putting off what needs to be done.  Clean and prepare for the days ahead.
Wasuto Wi (August - Moon when the geese shed their feathers)
Stop complaining - have you done your share?  Isnít there more you could do - take what ever you have and share.
Cahwapegi Wi (September - Moon of dying grass / when calves grow hair)
Time to start getting ready for Winter this year, the Summers are getting shorter and the Winterís longer.  Dust off all those things that you didnít get done this year and get them done now.
Canwapekasna Wi (October - Moon of changing seasons)
Feed the ancestors - listen to your Elders - that is all you need to know.
Waniyetu Wi (November - Moon of Falling Leaves)
Ah, it is the time when things are dying - the leaves are crunching underneath.  But there is still work to be done, you know what it is so do it, no more excuses!
Wanicokan Wi (December - Moon of Popping Trees when Deers shed their horns and Buffalo cowís fetus is getting large.)
For some of us it is a time of cold,  a time of hunger, a time of need.
Listen even the earth is sleeping.  Grow strong and obtain patience.
Wiotehika Wi (January - Moon of Strong Cold/ Frost in the teepee/ a time when wolves run together.)
Light the fires, draw the little ones near, and tell the stories of old.

ICannopopa Wi (February - Raccoon Moon/ Dark red Calves)
Look quickly to the woods - the trees and the earth, it is awaking - just a little bit so if you donít look quick you will miss the first hint of Spring.  The first flowers may even be peeking through the snow, and then again perhaps not.


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