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please if anyone is able to assistance pass this on
September 24, 2005
To everyone,
I am on the telephone right now with my friend in Louisiana.  Her mobile home was destroyed.  Her vehicle was destroyed.  No water, no food, no electricity, no money, no job, no home, no car, nothing!  But SHE DOES HAVE CHILDREN!!! 
I have been searching for my friend, Debbie, since the day Hurricane Katrina landed in Louisiana's southeastern region.  I have been unable to contact her by telephone.  Just yesterday I received emails from every place I posted her information only informing me that she had not been located yet.  Then she called me out of the blue tonight.  To say the least, I was happy to know she and her family are alive!!! (Barely!)
Her husband is with her and can not go back to work offshore (in the Louisiana oil fields).  Apparently, the company he works for sent him home the day after the hurricane made landfall.
I am blown away because she is telling me that FEMA, Red Cross, etc. have not been to her area yet.  It has almost been one month since the hurricane.  She is begging for me for "HELP".
They are forced to live in their piece of a moblie home, and it is raining inside the home as I talk to her and write you.  She can not leave because of the looters trying to steal what she has managed to salvage from her broken home.  She is telling me they are under marshall law.  Everyone in her area is carrying guns in holsters on their hip or carrying shot guns.
The electric company would not restore power to her mobile home because of the damage.  She was able to get a generator, but has spent ALL of her money trying to run it.
I called FEMA and they hung up on me a number of times; other times I was forwarded from person to person and accomplished nothing.  I call Red Cross and continued to get disconnected.  I called the Orangeburg Red Cross Office and was told that the office in Orangeburg can do nothing for anyone in Louisiana.  Can you believe that??  They can't call their national headquarters?  Why not?
Instead, her neighbor's daughter from Tennessee brought $800 worth of supplies collected by a Tennessee church immediately after the hurricane (as soon as people could drive to that location) and dropped it off.  That is ALL that has come to her area.
In one conversation with FEMA, I was directed to the Small Business Administration.  WHY???  She and her family are in dire need of EMERGENCY assistance.
I know how tired everyone is of hearing "Please Donate" or "Please Help".  However, my friend called me begging for help.  Now I am turning to you to help me help her.  If you can help, please contact me.
Michelle Pounds
CEO, Carolina Indian Heritage Association
Orangeburg, S.C.
(803) 533-4331



Has anyone heard of Native American charities which have been established for the purpose of helping those tribes in the gulf states? If so, please send information.  There are at least six federally recognized tribes located in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi. They include the Poarch Band Creek in Alabama, Coushatta Indian Tribe, Jena Band of Choctaw and Tunica-Biloxi Tribe in Louisiana, and the Chitimacha Tribe and the Choctaw Indians in Mississippi. George






I have received an e-mail from a native soldier who has not received any support while he has been on deployment overseas.
Want to send him letters and care packages?
Hit me back so i can send his address to you.
Please do not post his information in public.
Thank you.



This damaging information was just reported on NDN Yahoo groups !!

Secret Legislation Removes Oklahoma Tribal Sovereignty to Regulate Environment

  On Friday, July 29th, Congress passed the transportation reauthorization bill, H.R. 3- Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient

Transportation Equity Act: Legacy of Users (SAFETEA-LU).   Although many of the provisions sought by tribes were included, the conference report, which was released just hours before the vote, contains a new provision  that strips Oklahoma tribes of environmental regulatory authority.

It's always the same miserable story !!

Contact Congress about this !!!!!





Send an email this morning to friends@foxnews.com about the use of Indian names and mascots and let them know how we all feel about this issue ! This is the time to act !!!







If you know of someone who would like to receive a care package,
e-mails or letters, e-mail their information to
The chamber asks that you provide a name and hometown and pictures

The following is a list of soldiers on the site with surnames from A
J. The next installment will contain the rest of the names. Feel
to drop a line or send a package.

Lcpl. Irving J. Afraid of Bear Jr.
2D LAR BN D.Co. 3rd. Plt
Unit 73525
FPO AE 09509-3525
Email: yogibear0311@hotmail.com
Tribe: Oglala Lakota / Crow
Hometown: Hardin, MT

CPL Robert Aguilar
HQ Co 4th Marines Guardforce
Unit 35970
FPO AP 96602-5970
Email: aguilarrobert2000@yahoo.com
Tribe: Mescaler Apache
Hometown: Mescalero, NM

SPC Lorrena Alameda
143rd TC / 32nd TG
495th MTB / 740th TC
APO AE 09366
Email: Alameda_L@hotmail.com
Tribe: Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux
Hometown: Sisseton, SD

SPC Frankie Albert
13th SIG BN 1CD
APO AE 09344

Christopher Ambs
USS John C. Stennis
No current address
Email: AMBSCH@stennis.navy.mil
Tribe: Sioux
Hometown: Des Moines, IA

SSgt Terri Apling
Returned State Side
Email: 363EAACS.IN03@psab.af.mil
Tribe: Seneca Cayuga
Hometown: Miami, OK

SN Kristi L. Aragon
PCU Ronald Reagan (CVN76)
331 W. Ave., Bldg. 608
Newport News, VA 23607
Email: klaragon2001@yahoo.com
Tribe: Menominee/Shoshone
Hometown: Gresham, WI

PFC Tyron Armstrong
Address Unknown
Tribe: Navajo

Sgt. Kevin Arnold
Returned State Side
Tribe: Paiute/Pomo Nations
Hometown: Hayward, CA

SGT Elton Atcitty
CO H 221 MI BN/ 513TH MI BDE
APO AE 09330
Email: alcapon2@hotmail.com
Hometown: Shiprock, NM

TSGT Kimberly M. Austin
Returned State Side
Email: astrokimmy@yahoo.com
Tribe: Sicangu Sioux
Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Nicholas Baber
USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN71)
FPO AE 09599-2871
Tribe: Chickahominy

Yolanda M. Baca
173D ABN. BDE.
APO, AE 09347
Email: yolanda.m.baca@us.army.mil

Cpl Dustin Badonie, USMC
Returned State Side
Tribe: Navajo
Hometown: Flagstaff, AZ

Matissa Bahe
Div. S-2/Supply
USS Wasp LHD-1
FPO, AE 09556-1660
Email: bahe@wasp.navy.mil
Tribe: Navajo
Hometown: Torreon, NM

Ace Cory Baker
Tribe: Lakota
Hometown: McLaughlin, SD

YNC Jeff Baloo
Returned Home
Tribe: Navajo
Hometown: Pine Springs AZ

Lcpl. Westly R. Banks
Address Unkown
Tribe: Prairie Band Potawatomi/Kickapoo

Cpl. Vincil Banks
Address Unknown
Tribe: Prairie Band Potawatomi/Kickapoo

Cpl . Brian D. Barcus, USMC
15th Marine Expeditionary Unit .
2/1 H & S Co. S1 RPAC-REP.
FPO AP 96677-1735
Tribe: Choctaw
Hometown: Palmer, Texas

SSG Stan Barnes
Returned Home
Tribe: Cherokee
Hometown: Tennessee

Sgt Justin Barnett
Address Unknown
Tribe: Cherokee
Hometown: Kansas, OK

PVT Adam Bartels
Returned State Side
Tribe: Creek
Hometown: Coweta, OK.

CPL Leona Largo Barton
Returned to Country from Iraq
Email: leonabarton@yahoo.com
Tribe: Navajo
Hometown: Lake Valley, NM

EM2 Chris Bastible
Returned State Side
Tribe: Cherokee/Choctaw
Hometown: Cusick, WA

Sgt. Candace Bear-McCusker
Returned State Side
Email: candace.mccusker@us.army.mil
Tribe: Yakima
Hometown: Louisiana

Tom Begay
Tribe: Navajo
Hometown: Crystal, NM

SPC Hanson Begay
A Btry 2-82 FA 1st Cav Div
APO AE 09348
Tribe: Navajo
Hometown: Kayenta, AZ

Phil Begay
Email: phil.begay@us.army.mil
Tribe: Navajo (Edgewater born to the Zuni Edgewater White Corn
Hometown: Jeddito, AZ

Spc. Bryan G Begaye
Address Unknown
Tribe: Navajo
Hometown: Shonto, AZ

SSgt T.R. Belone, USMC
Address Unknown
Tribe: Navajo
Hometown: Mexican Springs, NM

Sgt. Manuelito Benallie
Tribe: Navajo
Hometown: Farmington, NM

LCpl Omar Benally
VMGR-152 MAG-36
Unit 37220
FPO, AP 96603-7220
Email: navaj_omar_ine@hotmail.com

PFC Latseen Benson
Address Unknown
Tribe: Tlingit and Tsimpsian

PFC Chris R. Bettelyoun
C Co 2-8 CAV 1CD
unit# 90030
APO AE 09373

PFC Santiago Beyal
Stationed North of Baghdad
Tribe: Navajo/Paiute/Tigua
Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

SFC Mitchelene Bigman Cyrus
Address Unknown
Email: mitchelene.bigman@us.army.mil

GSE2 (SW) Myyke Billie
Returned to Port
Tribe: Navajo
Hometown: Window Rock , AZ

PV2 Sly E. Blackbird
Alpha Co. 2/8 CAV
1st Cav Div
Unit# 90028
APO AE 09373
Email: slyblackbird@hotmail.com
Tribe: Gros Ventre/Assiniboine Tribes
Hometown: Fort Belknap, MT

SFC Chuck Boers, US Army
CJTF-7/C3 IO (Combat Camera)
Camp Victory, Baghdad
Unit 91400
APO AE 09342
Email: johancharles.boers@us.army.mil
Tribe: Apache/Cherokee
Hometown: Fresno, CA

PFC Curtis F. Bomboy
238th Transportation Company
A.P.O., AE 09366
Tribe: Chickasaw
Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

Master Sgt. Teresa Ann Bowman
Plans and Programs NCO
332nd. Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron
Balad, AB Iraq
Tribe: Oglala Sioux Tribe
Hometown: Pine Ridge South Dakota

PFC Daniel Brower
Address Unknown

SSGT Steven Brown
4th Marines, 3rd Marine Division
Camp Schwab
Okinawa Japan
Email: steven.gbrown@kuwait.army.mil
Tribe: Choctaw
Hometown: Shawnee OK

Virgil Brown Jr.
Tribe: Pima/Maricopia
Hometown: Gila River Indian Community, AZ

PFC J.C. Broyles
Returning State Side July 2004
Tribe: Cheyenne-Arapaho tribes of Oklahoma
Hometown: El Reno, OK

PVT Michael Cardenas
238 Transportation Company
APO-AE 09366
Tribe: Ponca Nation
Hometown: Del City, OK

HT1 Bill Castle
FPO AP 96663-1414
Email: castlew@davis.navy.mil
Tribe: Cherokee

SPC Kevin Chancellor
HHC 1 34\1 ID Mortors
APO, AE 09394
Tribe: Cherokee
Hometown: Delaware County, OK

MM3 Richard E. Chappell
U. S. Navy, USS Pittsburgh SSN720
Tribe: Cheyenne-Arapaho
Hometown: Duncan, OK

SPC Brian Charley
Address Unknown
Tribe: Navajo
Hometown: Lupton, AZ

SP4 Al Richard Charlie
Returned State Side
Tribe: Pima-Maricopa/Navajo
Hometown: Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Co

SSG Laura Chester
Returned State Side
Email: laura.chester@us.army.mil
Tribe: Navajo
Hometown: Sanostee, NM

Lcpl Cephus Owen Christie, USMC
1 Recon Bn, 1st Marine Div, D-Co
UIC 42408
FPO, AP 96426-2408
Tribe: Crow/Choctaw

SPC Kristofer Clark
APO AE 09392
Tribe: Sioux

YN2 Crystal Cly
Tribe: Navajo
Hometown: Cameron, AZ

SSG L.A. Cotanny
APO AE 09392
Email: Bgal84@Yahoo.com
Tribe: Seminole/Creek
Hometown: Jones, OK

Sgt. Justin H. Curley, Jr., USMC
1st TK BN , H & S Co., Tow Plt.
UIC 39837
FPO APP 96426-9837
Tribe: Navajo/ Sioux
Hometown: Farmington N.M.

Pv2. Justin C. Daney
Returned State Side
Email: airdaney7@hotmail.com
Tribe: Seminole/Creek/Choctaw
Hometown: Lawrence, KS

Brandt Daniels
Returning to USA 11/2003
Email: DanielsB@nimitz.navy.mil
Tribe: Oneida
Hometown: Orange County, CA

Sgt Polly A. Davis
Email: lil_native49@yahoo.com
Tribe: Kansas Kickapoo/Creek
Hometown: Depew, OK

SR A. Shane Davis
Tribe: Choctaw/Cherokee

PVT Darrol E. Davis, US Army
CCO, 1-506 IN 2nd Plt
Unit #15145
APO, AP 96251-0392
Tribe: Absentee Shawnee
Hometown: Shawnee, OK

Terrell Dawes
Aco 4-31/ Tenth MTN DIV
Camp Phoenix
APO AE 09356
Email: and_one_82@hotmail.com
Tribe: Navajo
Hometown: Window Rock, AZ

Sherwin Dawson
Hometown: New Mexico

PFC Deana Deere, USMC
UNIT 35621
FPO-AP 96606-5621
Email: Deeredd@essex.usmc.mil
Tribe: Kiowa/Ponca
Hometown: Wichita, KS









That page on wedding customs was cool. Here's a link on Cherokee customs that people might like to visit:


Hey, your Buffalo Exchange page is a great idea & I'll let my friends know about it. Please keep it up !


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